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 kind of thin?

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PostSubject: kind of thin?   Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:38 pm

I am new to budda, and I have a tone question. theres no dealer within a days travel (im in canada) so i have no comparison, I'm wondering if theres something wrong with my amp. its a sd 18, and to me it sounds pretty thin and weak. I come from mesa boogie rectifiers, and 4x12 cabs, so I guess its just the price I pay for the nice portable combo, but it still seems pretty thin to me. could it be the speaker choice? tubes? bias? (I bought it used, although everything is stock) when a speaker breaks in, is it more smooth and rounded? I also use strats and duncan jb les pauls... now I'm sort of liking the long pedal chain, the high end tone loss seems to tame the brightness a bit. for settings, I usually run the bass on 3/4, the mids on half, and the treble on 1/4. any advice would be good!
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kind of thin?
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