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 Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II

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PostSubject: Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II   Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:56 pm

First off, hello to everyone here on the forum. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys/gals.

I have an SD 45 II and I am currently using a Marshall Vintage Modern 4X12 cab with greenbacks. These speakers/cab just aren't cutting it for me, it lacks bottom end, very ice-pick shrilly highs and just doesn't do the head any justice. I was thinking about ordering the Budda 2X12 closed back cab, any thoughts or advice on that cab?

I have tried several speakers/cabs, Marshall with G12T75, Bogner and VHT with Vintage 30s and some vintage Fanes that I have in a mid 70's Hiwatt 4X12.

PLEASE help me out here , I am looking for a well balanced sound not to much ice-pick treble, good bottom end response...I typically scoop the mids or at least run them very low. My preferred lead tone (or at least what i hear in my head) is something similar to Warren Haynes tone on the studio version of Soulshine and for rhythm I really love the Gov't Mule High & Mighty album sound. I know I will not get that exact tone but I am trying to find something similar.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am not opposed to other brands of cabs but would prefer the Budda. I cannot try them locally as there are no dealers locally that have the 2X12.

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Riff Blister

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PostSubject: Re: Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II   Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:44 pm

Not a very active forum is it? Too bad.

Anyway, I have been using a Mesa Recto 2X12 with my SD45II. I took out the V30's and installed a pair of Scumback M75's. Great speakers and a good fit for the tone you seek IMHO. They do a great job of taking away the spiky high end.

Good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II   Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:33 am

I agree with the"inactivity" on this forum. Not even tech support helping out. If you are still looking, I switched out my Budda speakers(Which were excellent,but too mi-rangey) for two Warehouse Green Berets (Their version of a greenback 25 watts). Excellent choice to tame the upper spikes . An excellent amp. Shame Budda doesn't chime in more.......
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II   

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Newbie here REALLY need help SD45II
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