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 Another (very long) Superdrive II 30 clip

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PostSubject: Another (very long) Superdrive II 30 clip   Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:00 pm

This is the weekend where I seem to find perfect matches.

Match #1:
I replaced the Black Dog Bridge in my Edwards Les Paul with a VHII I had flying around. The Black Dog in combination with the light/bright Edwards had always a kind of annoying high mid peak. The VHII (in combination with the VHII neck I had in there already) is the perfect match, I am very happy with this now. A really good guitar, but it was difficult for me to find the right bridge PU.

Match #2:
I replaced the stock speaker in my Budda SD 30 Combo with a standard Greenback. This opened up the tone of the amp drastically and I love it! Speaker (25W) is underpowered for the amp (30W), so I have to be careful and hook up another cab if I wanna crank it.

So this is a LONG clip, I just started playing and kept going, switched through all kinds of sounds, pickup combos, volume levels, effects etc as I go. This covers a pretty wide range, and that's what I got with the Ed now, a very versatile all around rock guitar.

The VHIIs are very open and rather low output, the bridge PU is much weaker than the BlackDog, but that is GOOD for any rock styles actually.

The Setup:
Edwards Relic LP => calibrated VHII set => CTS pots and Vitamin Qs =>
(Pedals) Fulltone OCD => RMC3 => Budda SD30 =>
(FX Loop) Nova Delay => RC Booster =>
(Speaker) Celestion Greenback =>
(Recording) Tascam DR-1 mobile Recorder w/ integrated mics

The Clip:
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PostSubject: Re: Another (very long) Superdrive II 30 clip   Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:16 am

Thx for the clip. Very well played. Have noticed that you have both Bogner Shiva, Diezel Einstein, Fractal FX, Marshall and the Budda. If you had to sell in which order would you sell and why. Would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer.
Best of luck.
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Another (very long) Superdrive II 30 clip
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