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 So what preamp tubes have y'all tried?

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PostSubject: So what preamp tubes have y'all tried?   Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:51 pm

Just curious...

I own an SD-18 combo, and an SD-45 head. I love these amps for my style music, blues (allman brothers, govt mule, but with the 45, clean tones also, the SD-18 breaks up kind of soon, gives a great breakup sound, but sometimes I want CLEAN at higher volumes, so having the 45 is great).

Anyway, when I got the SD-18, they had already changed out some of the preamp tubes to 12AT7a (V1) and 12AX7a (v1 and V3) in it. I loved the sound.

The SD-45 I bought was new and they claim it has the "stock" tubes in it. It also sounds fantastic.

So, I was just wondering, when it comes time to retube, the preamp tubes, can I get some insight from you all about what is good to use in the preamp section?

Mostly, what have you tried, how did it work out, and what sound (I know...that is the hard part to describe) you are going for?

Basically, which preamp tubes do you think work best in the SD series, and why...what they do in your setup?

Stock I believe it comes with 12AX7wb (high gain?) in V1, 12AX7wb (lower gain, low noise) in V2 and V3.
Mainly I would just really like to hear anyone's experience with preamp tubes in the SD-series, most interested in the SD-18 and SD-45 though.

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PostSubject: Re: So what preamp tubes have y'all tried?   Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:45 am

I have a PTP SD-30 that I just did a tube change with. For the preamps I purchased the Budda recommended 12AX7WB (V1), 12AX7WA (V2&V3). I found them okay, but nothing special. I had some Tung-Sol 12AX7's hanging around and started moving tubes around, I ended up with the Tung-Sol in V1, and the WA's in V2 & V3. In V1 the Tung-Sol added a nice sparkle to the clean channel, but it made the lead channel too dark in V2.
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So what preamp tubes have y'all tried?
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