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 Which rectifier tube is correct for the SD-45?

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PostSubject: Which rectifier tube is correct for the SD-45?   Wed May 26, 2010 3:48 am

A few questions here regarding correct rectifier tube.
1) the Budda resource "tube overview" pdf shows the SD-45 using 5U4 rectifier tube.
while the SD-manual PDF shows it differing from the SD-18, SD-30 and using a 5AR4
(which I understand is the same as a 34GZ) rectifier.

There are significant differences between the two and I wonder if with the Budda cathode bias (self-bias) design, can one use either?

Also, have had problems since getting the amp (new, stock) with tubes going out. Am starting to suspect the rectifier tube. Had it in to service once already, but it has blown some power tubes since and also fuse has gone a few times.

PLEASE! any help appreciated!
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Which rectifier tube is correct for the SD-45?
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