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 Jazz on a Budda?

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PostSubject: Jazz on a Budda?   Mon May 31, 2010 8:17 pm

Picked up a Superdrive 18 (used) made in 2001. I'm new to the world of Budda amps and I just love this thing!! I have been playing a vintage Fender Princeton Reverb for years, and the SD18 might be it's replacement.

I play crazy improvised jazz in the Los Angeles area in my band The Scott Heustis Group and I might be using the SD18 at my upcoming gigs in June.

You can find samples of my stuff here if you are interested:


The samples from my two albums are all Princeton.... next album ...... Budda SD18?

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PostSubject: yah bra!   Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:39 pm

SD is great for jazz. I go back and forth between a princeton clone (Morgan PR12) and the SD18, and although they sound different, both get beautiful, clear, jazzy tones. The budda does a lot more of course, as well. I have also heard great jazz tones coming out of Marshall's, so I think any nice sounding tube amp can do it. Come to thin, of it, I sometimes use a Laney LC15 (no reverb variant), which is supposedly basically a marshall type circuit of some kind, and sounds like it, and does great in a little jazz duo/trio I have played in on occasion.

But the cleans from the SD are just fabulous, imo, and really easy to use in a Jazz setting.
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Jazz on a Budda?
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