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 Budda SD18 / 30 vs AC30?

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PostSubject: Budda SD18 / 30 vs AC30?   Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:03 am

I've had my SD18 for a few year now and LOVE it. I love the way the notes jump out of the amp, I love the tone and the feel. Best amp I've ever had. I tend to use the "clean" channel with my pedal board and I'm going to be using it live very soon and I need another amp as a backup. I've always wanted an AC30 and the new ones get great reviews but I can also get a used SD30 for about the same money. They both have the right features. Does anyone here have experience of both amps that can tell me whether (in a band context) will I be disapointed with the Vox compered to the Budda? What to do Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: can't go wrong there   Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:32 am

I love the way the VOX AC 30 (and 15) sounds. It is more open and less spongy then the SD18, and, although, there are similarities, they do not sound the same really. Well, I probably don't need to try to explain, as most people are familiar with the VOX tone and chime. I hear great things about the SD30, but I have not heard one in person. I also have an SD18, and love it.
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Budda SD18 / 30 vs AC30?
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