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 Budha Superdrive 30 Combo

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PostSubject: Budha Superdrive 30 Combo   Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:52 am

Hi Out there!
I work on amps and recently a customer brought in a SD30 Combo.
The circuit board in this amp has a 4000uf cap with the + post soldered
onto the circuit board  next to R29 and R30. Then there is the - post not attached to the board,
but it has a wire going to the back of the board. There is also a diode there on the back of the board.
This looks like a real screw up on either Budhas part or whoever made these amps.
Any tech out there opened one of these up to work on! The schematic from Budha is not very good
at all. I have a few more questions if there is a tech out there.
You can also email me!
Any help or contact would be very appreciated and I would be very thankful.
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Budha Superdrive 30 Combo
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